E-commerce scraping and analytics platform.

Information Retrieval and Analytics Platform for E-Commerce

DayWatch was Tryolabs' first large project, and now we're open-sourcing it.

We specialize in web and mobile applications with artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Extract information from a given number of un-structured data sources.
  • e.g. web pages (including interactive navigation), RSS feeds, Excel files, text files. This process is made simple using a data scraping system built using Scrapy and NLP techniques.
Cure, analyze and synthesize information
  • Data retrieved can be used for data mining, text classification, and reporting between others.
  • Data processing modules can be easily added to pipeline data processing.
Graphically display information
  • Through a responsive web interface, DayWatch Platform is able to present several kinds of data visualizations. From pie charts, to lists, images, dynamic tables and reports.

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